Why not get some cash back while you job search?

Hire Rewards (patent pending) has over 10 million jobs eligible for cash back.

How much is each point worth?

100 points = $1 USD.

Why am I being paid to apply for jobs?

Employers pay us money every time that you apply for jobs on this website. Indeed and LinkedIn make money the same way. The difference is that we give you a large cut of the money that we receive from employers. Jobs that pay more for applying are not better or worse than jobs that pay less. Most jobs pay at least $1 in cash back for applying and we've paid out over $30,000 to job seekers to date.

How do I cash out?

We use Stripe to process cash outs. Once you apply for at least 3 jobs, you will see a popup asking you to connect your debit card or bank account, but you can connect it now by clicking here. Once your cash out destination is connected and you have applied for at least 3 jobs, our system will automatically initiate a deposit into your account nightly for any job search activity that you conduct that day. We transfer money via ACH, so once we initiate the nightly transfer, it takes a few days for the money to be received at your cash out destination.

How do I connect my Cash App account?

Head to this Cash App page to get your Cash App account number and routing number. When you are prompted to connect your cash out destination through Stripe, enter that account number and routing number as your bank account.

How do I track my cash out?

Stripe processes our cash outs, and they have a nice dashboard that you can view to track the process. Once your bank account or debit card are connected, you will be able to track cash outs here. We update Stripe once a day on cash out amounts you are owed, so it may take up to 24 hours to see the correct cash out amounts in the Stripe dashboard.

How do we track your job applications?

We ask you to connect your Google-powered email account (ex. Gmail, Google for Business). Use this email address in your job applications to earn our cash back rewards. That way, our automated systems have a sense of how your job search is progressing. To connect or reconnect your email account, click here.

Do you have a mobile app?

Yes, we do! Head here to download for iOS and head here to download for Android.

Why do easy apply jobs pay less in cash back?

Employers that have one-click, easy job application processes generally are willing to pay less to find talent. We are cutting you into what the employer is paying to recruit you, so if the employer doesn't pay as much per application, we can't pay as much to you.

When I apply for multiple jobs at the same company, why am I only getting points for one of the job applications?

You are welcome to apply for as many good-fit roles that an employer posts, but you will only earn cash back for the first role that you apply for from a given employer. We plan to give cash back for applies to multiple jobs from the same employer, but do not support that at this time.

I applied to some jobs but my cash back hasn't changed. Why is that?

When you submit a job application, Hire Rewards may not immediately register that you have applied. It can take some time for the employer to register that you applied. If you have received a job submission confirmation email from an employer more than 24 hours ago, but it has not yet shown up as applied to on the Hire Rewards website, feel free to fill out this form to report it to us.

How much can I earn in a day?

The maximum amount that you can earn in a single day is $100. However, when signing up, you agreed to only apply for jobs that you are genuinely interested in and have the qualifications for. If you are applying to "bad fit" jobs just for the money, we will flag your account and shut it down.

How do I update the resume that I uploaded to Hire Rewards?

Click here to do that.

How do I earn cash back on LinkedIn, ZipRecruiter, or Indeed?

Make sure that your Indeed, ZipRecruiter, and LinkedIn accounts use the same email address as the one that you used to sign up for Hire Rewards. To change your email address on LinkedIn, click here. To change it on ZipRecruiter, click here. To change it on Indeed, click here.

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