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Earn cash back for applying to jobs.

Welcome to Hire Rewards by Talk Hiring, the platform where job seekers can earn money while searching for their next opportunity. Our site connects you with employers who are looking to fill open positions and rewards you for simply applying.

We know that the job search process can take so much time that it feels like a job. That's why we offer cash back incentives to make your job search experience more rewarding. Hire Rewards is where job seeking makes the most cents.

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$30k+ cash back
Earned by job seekers

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Why not get some cash back while you job search?

How It Works


How You Get Cash-Back

Talk Hiring operates the same way as other job boards, like LinkedIn®, in that we get paid when job seekers click on or apply to jobs listed on our Hire Rewards platform. We partner with large job aggregators including CareerBuilder®, Glassdoor®, LinkedIn®, and ZipRecruiter®, to provide cash-back job searching to job seekers across all US geographies and industries.

When you apply to jobs on our Hire Rewards platform, we pay you a portion of the money we earn through your job searching activity in the form of cash-back.

We believe that job seekers should be rewarded for the time and energy they are putting into finding a job, which often times is comparable to a job itself.

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