Connect your Gmail Account

Why do we ask for Gmail data?

We give you rewards for applying to good-fit jobs. We need the means to verify that you have applied for specific jobs, and we use the email inbox to do that. Employers send emails to job seekers at various stages of the job application lifecycle. We use your Gmail data to automatically identify where you are at in your application process for a given employment opportunity.

Why don't other job searching sites ask for access to my Gmail account?

Other popular job searching sites don't give you rewards for applying to good-fit jobs. For us to compensate you, we need to know when you have applied and how you are doing in your job search. We also don't want job seekers to be paid for applying for a bunch of jobs and then ghost the employer on job interviews!

Is this secure?

Google is very careful about which companies integrate with Gmail. We went through a rigorous, two-month security and privacy review process to gain their trust and approval. If you're interested, here is a link to the security review certificate.

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